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What Is Yoga

The Sanskrit word 'Yoga' literally means ‘Union’. What are we uniting with? We are uniting with the Body, Mind, and Soul-Self/Inner-Self/ Emotional Self.

Herein lies the potent component of Yoga. When a person is looked at as a whole person, verses being seen as an ‘illness’ or ‘malady’ as is often the case in Western medicine, a whole different level of healing and health occur.

Yoga is comprised of postures (Asana), breath work (Pranayama), and connecting with our inner self (Consciousness, Awareness, Spirit).

It is an integrated approach to health and wellness on all levels of a person’s ‘being’.

That is why it is so successful!

That is why it has been in existence for over 5000 years and is more popular now than ever!

Who can do Yoga?

Everyone and any age group can do yoga.

What are the benefits?

• Increase flexibility

• Breath correctly – great for cardio and for increasing the oxygen in the muscles and tissues

• Increase focus and awareness

• Better mobility and range of motion

• Reduce pain

• Integrate and connect with the body and the mind

The benefits are innumerable!

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is rapidly gaining credibility as a successful method of assisting people with either chronic or acute pain. This form of Yoga is provided on a one-on-one basis. Often a client is not a Yoga student, but someone who has exhausted all other avenues of mainstream healthcare and is willing to explore this highly successful system of healing. Yoga Therapy addresses the physical and mental/emotional well-being of the individual which is a holistic approach to overall health and wellness and can greatly accelerate recovery and healing.

The Process: A detailed intake consultation is performed to assess your immediate needs. Through compassionate and sensitive listening, goals are identified and a personal Home Practice is developed for you to take with you. I take you through your practice during your session, to ensure your understanding of what is to be done once you leave our session. We may use massage, guided meditation and/or music to enhance and deepen your healing experience. Detailed diagrams and instructions are given to ensure your success, and life-style management will also be discussed. You leave feeling empowered knowing your health and well-being are getting the treatment necessary to restore you to optimal health.

Your personal Home Practice could include the following 'tools':

  • 2-3 (or more) Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures)
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork/Pranayama

Each program is unique to the individual and is complete, life-changing, achievable, simple in design and successful ( CLASS).

I love seeing Clients achieve their goals….and even surpass them! The simple fact is : Yoga Heals

Other modalities such as Holistic Nutritional Counselling and or Reflexology are available through my associates who specialize in these areas. Their contact information is as follows:
Kathy Brunskole, Registered Reflexologist - renewbalance.ca
Barbara Bates, Holistic Nutritionist - innerbalancewellness.com

It is entirely up to you as to the frequency of any follow-up sessions. I'm just a phone call away if you need me!

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place"...Lao Tzu, from the Tao Te Ching

Public Classes

Creative sequencing of postures and correct breathing techniques will leave you feeling:
• invigorated and alive
• strong and balanced
• and best of all...empowered

Equine Yoga

Equine Yoga is based on classical Yoga postures and practices. Students are taught the postures, also known as Asana's, on the ground at first. Gradually over time, and as the student’s confidence increases, the Asana's are 'transferred to the saddle'. It is here that both the Rider and Horse experience the numerous benefits of this detailed 'style' of authentic Yoga, resulting in riding excellence!



More information can be found on our Equine Yoga Site: equestrianyogacourses.ca/

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My Yoga Journey

Hello and welcome! My name is Cricket-Olivia Forfar. I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher and have been since 2006. I’ve practiced Yoga for the past 20 years, starting in the early 1980’s as a means of managing stress.

I was working in the fast-paced Marketing field in downtown Toronto and needed an outlet for the stress that came with this type of work.

Yoga became that outlet for staying fit and more importantly it gave me a healthy channel to de-stress, focus and to sharpen my awareness of how my body was functioning; any physical restrictions or un-healthy hyper extending, and how to correct these in a safe way. Unlike body-building which I once did, Yoga incorporates the entire Mind, Body and the Spiritual (this includes a persons emotional state) aspects of the individual which is why it is effective in creating a balance within the Yoga student.

Eventually I left the corporate world to pursue a career as a Yoga Teacher and opened a private studio, as well, I teach in and around the York/Durham Region.

My core practice is Yoga Therapy, whereby I work one on one with an individual, designing specific programs for their needs. There are public classes as well.

Thousands of hours of personal practice, combined with formal training, research and a deep interest in the psycho-spiritual aspect of life, has helped me develop programs and classes that truly help other people. I notice. I care. I help.

In 2008 a series of events occurred. The sudden death of my beloved Mother, and subsequent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in my dear Father, who has been in my care since my Mother’s passing.

Divorce, death, loss, a major move and a motor vehicle accident all occurred within a one and a half year period. Yoga helped me maintain my health and sanity. It has provided me with a grounded way in which to live life, using the postures, breath work and connection to my Higher Self. It has been life changing on all levels; emotional, mental, and physical.

Since the 1980's, long before they were a household name, I studied the work of Carloyn Myss; Why People Don't Heal, and her other work on Spiritual Madness, Archetypes, also the work of Marianne Williamson and the teachings of A Course In Miracles, Byron Katie and The Work, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and of course Louise Hay.

All of these insightful, forward thinking individuals, captivated me their deep, esoteric way in which to view ourselves and the 'human condition'. I'm so grateful to have been exposed to these teachings so early in my own personal journey as their insights and guidance has helped me to forge a solid base of Human/Spiritual understanding on which I have built my Yoga practice and it's offerings to others.

Studying with some of the leading International Yoga Teachers such as: Seane Corn, Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste has richly added to the in-depth way in which I teach the students that come to me. I am so blessed to have been able to access and share time with so many incredibly dedicated professionals devoted to helping other's heal and live life authentically.

My study of this ancient healing practice continues and each day is a new opportunity to see and experience life in the most optimal way.

I wish everyone reading this information, peace and freedom from fear and pain of any kind.



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Cricket Olivia

Owner: Yoga Om Unlimited

It is my hope that if you are reading this information and are experiencing any pain either physically or mentally or both, that you will contact me and together we can explore how this ancient art and science called Yoga, will aid you in your return to optimal health and wellness.

I invite you to contact me for more information.


  • I just wanted to thank you for teaching me Hatha Yoga. In the past 3 years you have put me through some physical pain and growth and spiritual growth. As you well know I am living with Parkinsons Disease. I do not know where I would be without you. I look forward to our Friday Sessions and being challenged.
    You are a good and patient teacher.
    Thank you with Love

    Namaste Sinikka Fitz-Gerald
  • I have a particularly labour intensive job that requires a lot of upper body strength. I end up with very sore and stiff muscles. Cricket creates a therapeutic Yoga practice that specifically addresses my problem areas. She is very detailed in her teaching and makes sure the technique is accurate so I fully benefit from doing the postures. I have become more aware of my stance/posture and I feel settled and grounded after a session with Cricket. I take away from it a better attitude and I am more mindful of what my body and brain are doing and thinking. Cricket takes each Yoga practice very seriously but she allows a natural flow to it sot that joy and laughter enter into it as well. She is incredibly sensitive to my state of mind and body. I truly believe she is gifted and doing exactly what she is meant to be doing..teaching Yoga to others.

    Christi Owen, Owner: Christi's Horse Nanny and Pet Service.
  • I have been taking private yoga lessons with Cricket for almost 2 years. Although we are only meeting once a week, I find the sessions extremely helpful and fun. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease about 7 years ago. Parkinsons is a neurological illness with movement problems. When I first started yoga I had a hard time even sitting in the lotus position and had great difficulty with many postures as my body hurt. Today I am in much better shape. I can do most of the stretches and balance postures some better than others. I feel good. Sometimes my back hurts but after the yoga it feels better. I thank Cricket for being such a good and patient teacher and a friend. Cricket and yoga have done wonders for me.

    Sinikka Fitz-Gerald
  • Cricket is a wonderful yoga instructor who is extremely professional but whom also brings a genuine kindness and warmth to each yoga session. She personalizes the postures towards my horseback riding so that my core is strengthened; which helps me stay centred and more balanced on my horse, my hip flexors and groin are stretched which makes me more flexible and I also incorporate the yoga breathing as I ride. By the end of each practice I feel totally calm and relaxed and this translates to my horse and our performance.

    Dressage Rider and Yoga Student: Christi Owen, Equine Companion: Rosco P. Coltrane

  • I was embarking on the most physically demanding challenge of my amateur athletic career – Ironman – and needed help. My coach insisted I partake in regular yoga sessions. After much searching, Cricket was highly recommended to me. From our first telephone conversation, I knew we could work well together. She listened and she continued to listen to my needs and wants during every session and even had me work through poses she knew I needed, even when I didn’t think so. Of course, she was right. Cricket would even check in with me a day or two after our session to see how I was feeling. Cricket has the amazing ability to encourage you along and have you go just that little bit further, even if you think you can’t. But with her there, you can – not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

    Sandy Bolan
  • Cricket has been generously donating her time and skills once a month to the Evergreen Hospice Living Room since June 2010. Our dropin program serves adult clients of all ages in the Markham/Stouffville area who are facing life threatening illness and challenges. We look forward to those Thursdays when Cricket visits and spends an hour leading us through breathing exercises and gentle Yoga poses. She is easygoing, very knowledgable and fun. No matter what challenges we are facing that day, she always leaves us feeling calm, refreshed and more in touch with ourselves than when we started. Her knowledge of Yoga and her kind and gentle way of sharing her skills never fails to impress. Thanks Cricket…………. Namaste

    Linda Yeatman, Day Program Coordinator Evergreen Living Room Evergreen Hospice Markham/Stouffville